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CBT Launch - March 23rd

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Mar 8, 2024
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Don't miss the closed beta launch on
🗓️ March 23rd at 16:00 GMT

Join our Discord server, because that's where we will mainly communicate

It is very excitedly that I announce the Closed Beta Test launch on March 23rd

This server has been in the works for a very long time, and we've worked extremely hard to make it as smooth and flawless as possible.
However, there is always a need to double-check everything and make sure nothing can be exploitable, abused or that nothing is wrong or game-breaking.

The CBT will take place from March 23rd-April 6th (at least)
Afterwards, everything will be wiped, and the official launch will be announced.

Players who partake in the CBT will receive rewards when the official launch comes around, and an exclusive title in-game.
We'd like to gather as many players as possible for this, and every bit of help is appreciated and goes a long way.
We started this project out of the lack of decent servers on this version, and because we truly believe in not paying to win.
We wanted to create a server that gives an equal opportunity to everyone, runs smoothly, has an active development team and has all the right quality of life improvements, while keeping the classic 1.4.6 feeling.

Hope you guys have fun, and we can make this server the go-to 1.4.6 english server for those who love this version of the game.

Important to know:

📑 Server information
🔑 Create an account
📥 Download the client
💬 Discord
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