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Mar 17, 2024
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⚙️ Main Info

Version: 1.4.6
Expansion: Sirens of War
Races: Human, Untamed ,Winged Elf, Tideborn and Earthguard
Classes: Blademaster, Wizard, Barbarian, Venomancer, Archer, Cleric, Assassin, Psychic, Seeker and Mystic
Level Cap: 105
Dungeons: 19-99
  • Custom materials for Lunar/FC
  • Unique packs: Rekindle Chest & Rekindle Treasure" (not available inside the boutique)
  • Activate Hyper EXP Stones up to 20 times per day!
  • Extra-Stats in Character stats Overview!
  • Custom game-optimizations
Final Gear: Warsoul Weapons, R8R2, Nirvana 2
Final Gems: Vitality +12 / Channeling -3% / G12 Shards / JosD / Deity
Max. Refine Level: +12
  • From monsters:
    EXP x3
    SP x3
    Coins x1
    Drops x1

  • From quests
    EXP x2
    SP x3
    Coins x1

  • Battle pets EXP: Equal to player

  • Morai: x2

  • Mining: x2

  • TT
    Drops x1

  • Lunar:

  • Nirvana:

You will not be able to enter these locations with more windows than allowed per restriction:
  • Valley of Reciprocity - max. 4 client windows
  • Warsong City - max. 2 client windows
  • Hall of Blasphemy - max. 2 client windows
  • Nation Wars – max. 1 client window
  • Tournament Event - max. 2 client windows
  • Cube of Fate - max. 2 client windows
  • Fight Night - max. 1 client window
  • Frost Covered City - max. 2 client window
  • Palace of Nirvana - max. 2 client window
  • Archosaur Arena - max. 1 client window
  • Lothranis - max. 2 client windows
  • Momaganon - max. 2 client windows

⚙️Important Changes & Server Features⚙️

  • There are no packs, reputation, dragon orbs or any other rare P2W items in the Boutique and Event Boutique
  • The Boutique is identical to the Event Boutique (except for prices)
    You can get event gold by completing daily quests, participating in events, as rewards for dungeons and just by being online
  • Personalize your character with a unique colored name that is available in the Boutique
  • A large assortment of fashion, flyers and pets in the Boutique
  • Thousands of new unique cosmetic items, including fashion weapons and more!
Improved Interface
  • Added performance improved anti-lag mode to the settings
  • Added remote services to the inventory: storage, shop, consignment, socket, refine and mail
  • Added instance reset button near the mini-map
  • Added the option to increase the display distance of nicknames and NPC names
  • Added a display of the number of players nearby in the squad window
  • Added notifications about factions created and successful refining
  • Added skill learning to the Skill Book (R)
  • Added the option to create all items at once
  • Added enabling/disabling freezing the game while tabbed out to the settings window
Game Conditions
  • Exciting marathons and events hosted by game masters
  • Promotions, contests and promo-codes for our players
  • Bonus system for incoming factions, a referral system, as well as a cashback system for faction leaders
  • Stable server operation and frequent content updates
  • Active and experienced GM team, who sincerely love their work and take their responsibilities seriously
Server Protection
  • We use powerful server hardware with protection against various types of attacks
  • Anti-cheat against bots and other third-party software
Cool Additions

  • FC and Lunar drop and only use one custom material, so it's easier for crafting
  • Custom Level 55 Gear Set for PvE
  • Quests have no level cap
  • All dungeons can be opened solo
  • Mail takes 10 seconds instead of 1 hour to be delivered
  • Boutique gold is instant, no need for a relog
  • Genies take 1 minute to change to Trade-State
  • Morai weekly quest doesn't require 3 different morai factions, just 3 players in a squad
  • Faction player limit is changed to 40/60/80
  • Rank 6 Weapons can be turned into Nirvana 1st Cast at the Nirvana forges
  • Colored nicknames for the players to customize their in-game appearance
  • Reduced mob kills in quests
  • Perfect Teleport Stone that allows for unlimited teleports anywhere
  • Custom Teleport Points such as Mines, South Archosaur (Forges) and Heaven's Tear (Platform), as well as to all the dungeons
  • Rekindle Chests that are given for leveling, questing and reaching certain milestones, and a Big Rekindle Chest for every 100 normal chests opened
  • FC 2nd Boss instantly spawns
  • TT 2-x Soulreaper boss instantly spawns
  • Offline catshop functionality so players can afk without being logged in
  • Reflection is available anywhere, even when going offline with the offline catshop functionality (31+)
  • Meditating gives 20 chi per second
  • All relevant NPCs and Forges were added to South Archosaur
  • Pick up all feature
  • Mounting is allowed in certain dungeons such as FB19 Untamed, FB39, FB51, FB59 and FC
  • Blademaster skills are glitcheable like in 1.3.6
  • Quest rewards for every 100 quests done up to 1500 (lvl 60+)


Twilight Temple
1-player opening is available, Ultimate Substances are not required.

Frostcovered City

1-player opening is available
Updated all crafting recipes: now you will need «Frost Fragment» to craft FC equipment.

Lunar Glade
1-player opening is available
Updated all crafting recipes: now you will need «Lunar Fragment» to craft Lunar equipment.

Palace of Nirvana
1-player opening is available
Drop rates:
- x2
Mage Nirvana - x2


Nation Wars
It will be available a bit after the official launch.

It's every Friday , Saturday and Sunday at 20:00 ST
Entrance to the event is only available in solo mode.

The event lasts 1 hour.

Trivia Event (Envoy of Inspiration)
Chuck and Pique spawn in all major cities and are available all the time.
Improved the loot table in the Maiden-Kissed Chest.
Reduced number of questions per day from 15 to 5
The reward for each question is x3

World Bosses Drops
Rekindle Chests
Ten Million Big Notes
Chrono Pages
Mirage Celestone Packs
Mystical Tome Fragments
G10 Shards
Stone of the Savant


Rewards for tabs
Blood - x2

FB19+15 rep. points
FB29+15 rep. points
FB39+30 rep. points
FB51+45 rep. points
FB59+60 rep. points+100 Event Silver
FB69+100 rep. points+150 Event Silver
FB79+150 rep. points+200 Event Silver5x Mysterious Chips
FB89+200 rep. points+250 Event Silver8x Mysterious Chips
1x Rekindle Chest
FB99+300 rep. points+300 Event Silver10x Mysterious Chips
2x Rekindle Chest

Rewards for completed quests
The reward is only available after reaching level 60

100 quests+100 Event Silver20x Mysterious Chips+250 rep. points+100.000 coins+200.000 EXP2x Rekindle Chest20x Mirage Celestone
200 quests+200 Event Silver25x Mysterious Chips+250 rep. points+200.000 coins+400.000 EXP4x Rekindle Chest30x Mirage Celestone
300 quests+300 Event Silver30x Mysterious Chips+375 rep. points+300.000 coins+600.000 EXP6x Rekindle Chest40x Mirage Celestone
400 quests+500 Event Silver35x Mysterious Chips+450 rep. points+400.000 coins+800.000 EXP8x Rekindle Chest50x Mirage Celestone
500 quests+800 Event Silver40x Mysterious Chips+750 rep. points+1.000.000 coins.+1.000.000 EXP10x Rekindle Chest60x Mirage Celestone
600 quests+1000 Event Silver45x Mysterious Chips+875 rep. points+1.500.000 coins+2.000.000 EXP12x Rekindle Chest70x Mirage Celestone
700 quests+1500 Event Silver50x Mysterious Chips+1000 rep. points+1.750.000 coins+2.500.000 EXP14x Rekindle Chest80x Mirage Celestone
800 quests+2000 Event Silver55x Mysterious Chips+1050 rep. points+2.000.000 coins+3.000.000 EXP16x Rekindle Chest90x Mirage Celestone
900 quests+2500 Event Silver60x Mysterious Chips+1125 rep. points+2.250.000 coins+4.000.000 EXP18x Rekindle Chest100x Mirage Celestone
1000 quests+3500 Event Silver65x Mysterious Chips+1250 rep. points+3.000.000 coins+5.000.000 EXP20x Rekindle Chest150x Mirage Celestone
1100 quests+4500 Event Silver70x Mysterious Chips+1375 rep. points+3.500.000 coins+5.200.000 EXP22x Rekindle Chest200x Mirage Celestone
1200 quests+5000 Event Silver75x Mysterious Chips+1500 rep. points+3.750.000 coins+5.500.000 EXP24x Rekindle Chest250x Mirage Celestone
1300 quests+6500 Event Silver80x Mysterious Chips+1625 rep. points+4.000.000 coins+5.750.000 EXP26x Rekindle Chest300x Mirage Celestone
1400 quests+7500 Event Silver85x Mysterious Chips+1875 rep. points+4.500.000 coins+6.000.000 EXP28x Rekindle Chest350x Mirage Celestone
1500 quests+10000 Event Silver100x Mysterious Chips+2500 rep. points+5.000.000 coins+7.000.000 EXP30x Rekindle Chest500x Mirage Celestone

Crisis Resolved
Level 100
Quests are available from Celestial Messengers in West Archosaur

Reward: 5x Rekindle Chests
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